About Us:
Stormin' Kennels was established in 2000 when we purchased our first Coonhound.

Beau was and still is an avid hunter when we met way back in 1980. He and his dad invited me on a coonhunt which I
then thought was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of. Why would someone want to go into the woods at night
with a dog or two and sit or walk while said dog chased a raccoon? Well then a few years later it happened I had to go
with Beau to try out a dog with a woman now my best friend Tammy. Beau said I had to go because it didn't look right a
strange man taking a strange woman in the woods hmm. So there we went to Tammy's to try out a dog in the dark in the
woods and it was then that the bug bit and when it did it bit HARD. I was hooked the first time I heard that locate I was
hooked. That is when this whole thing started and is what it is today. Now about me Rita I was raised in a hunting family
and was out being the dog while rabbit hunting at an early age. After loosing my dad at an early age the hunting
stopped until I met Beau. I still remember the first time he took me squirrel hunting he gave me the lecture, you know the
one: you have to be quiet , you can't move alot ect.. it was really funny when he turned around to look for me he said I
didn't hear you behind me and I said well you told me to be quiet. Beau his dad and I had many a coonhunting
adventure in the past and even after loosing his dad those memories will be with us forever and so will the hunt. I did
take up the showing end of coonhunting and enjoy it especially when we or one of our pups win but the hunt side will
always be my passion. Now on to the next generation: Little Miss Kayleigh joined us in our lives in 2009 and has already
been out there in the dark with a dog or two chasing raccoon and she loves it!! She has killed her first squirrel and her
second and is very excited about when she gets big enough to get her first deer. As you all know in runs in the family
and our youth is our future.

We hope you enjoy our website and our line as much as we enjoy having them. Remember anytime you wanna talk dog
we will be more than happy to help.

Our Goal:

Our goal in this venture started when I was trying to make show dogs out of pure hunting dogs and was not was not
doing a very good job at it. Beau suggested that we make our own by breeding Buddy (pure hunt) and Reba(pure show)
to make the best of both worlds. We are still doing this now but have downsized for a bit still hunting and plan on
breeding again but we have downsized the kennel to a more manigable amount, as KK gets bigger we will see if the dog
numbers go back up but for now we are happy with what we have.