For those of you who know us, well you knew it
would happen. For those of you who don't here is a
little intro to what me and Beau did for years. We
had and raised APBT's for years back in the 80's
early 90's. We have always loved the breed. Now
that I am a homebody we have been looking at the
American Bully breed for a couple years. Throwing
around the idea that well maybe just one nah
maybe a couple. Hmm well I am home all day every
day. Then we saw CICI. That is when we made up
our minds. So as of March 5th 2015 we have
decided to start doing a
lot of research and getting
a couple pups just to test the water. A
lot more
research and possibly a couple more young dogs.
Then starting our bloodline. Join us on our journey
into the fabulous world of the American Bully.

WOW What a difference a year has made.
We have acquired a couple more dogs meet some
really great people and have our first litter planned.
With the help of a new friend we should have our
very own bloodline up and taking the show world